CloudSwipe Roadmap

CloudSwipe is on a mission to deliver a low barrier of entry, flexible, easy to use, cost-effective, contactless digital payments solution (enough adjectives?).


CloudSwipe launched in January 2021 with a Bootstrapped solution that allows founders, freelancers, and business owners to accept digital payments on their phones, tablets, or desktops, without the need to buy or lease hardware.


This roadmap contains things that we see as a natural fit to further that mission. if you don't see something here that you think makes sense, then please let us know at Support at If you see a launch date, then there is one. If you don't then there isn't. Everything here is subject to change.

UPDATED 7/28/2021


Fall 2021

Subscriptions | Recurring Billing

Fall 2021

Cryptocurrency Payment Processing

Fall 2021

Tap To Phone Payments

Use your mobile devices NFC feature to accept credit card payments from your customers in the same way that you pay others with your mobile phone today.

Traditional finacial products as a Neobank (cutting edge and virtual)

In other words, things that until recently you have to actually visit a bank and talk to someone. Who wants to do that? It's time-consuming and inefficient. Further today's technology makes it unnecessary!

  • Cash Transfers
  • Loans / funding / credit based on your balance sheet, not your credit score(your ability to make money and pay bills)
  • ATM Cards

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