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Business Losses: How to Prevent Them

There are many ways to lose money. In all likelihood, it’s not something you’d want…


The Most Common Point of Sale Systems List

Point of sale (POS) systems allow businesses to accept payments from customers either in person…

Virtual Point of Sale System

What is a Virtual Point of Sale System?

Having the ability to take credit card payments as a business is a necessity in…


Safety Issues Surrounding Contactless Payments

The world of card payments has changed dramatically over the last several years. One of…


What is a Credit Card: Breaking Down the Basics

The phrase “cash is king” remains a true statement today among both consumers and businesses…


Make more Money for your Business

Right next to my job is a convenience shop that sells snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, and…


Cash Payments: From a Consumer’s Point of View

Someone walks into your store, looks around at a few things, picks up something and…

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3 things to consider before using Subscriptions for your SaaS

You launched a new SaaS company. Or maybe you recently switched from the one-time payments (perpetual licenses)…