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Easy to use. Set it up in minutes.

1 Install Transaction Pro Manager on your existing WordPress website. If you are not using WordPress, reach-out to our concierge service partners to have it installed for you.

2 That's 50% of the work. Both you and your customers will be able to sign into WordPress and view their Stripe transactions.


3 Choose new or existing WordPress post or pages that you want your customers to use as an interface for viewing their transactions on the Front End then copy and paste a shortcode.

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 4.03.10 PM

4 Repeat these steps for post or pages where you want your customers to go to update their credit card on the Front End then copy and paste a shortcode.


dunning stripe

5 Set up Stripe reminder emails by adding a single url back to the credit card update page on your site.


That's it! You are ready to save time and recover lost revenue.

Ready to get started? Get started today!