How to display customer transaction details

Objective: Learn to display your customer's transaction details.

There are two ways for your customers to view their transactions.

NOTE: The WordPress user with the role of admin, when signed in, will see ALL transactions by default.

  1. View in the WordPress admin section.
    • In order to view this information from the admin section, your customers need to sign in with a pre-existing WordPress account and a role other than admin.
  2. View on any WordPress post or page.
    • Any WordPress post or page containing the shortcode will display the transaction table based on the same rules listed in step 1 above.


Place shortcode on a page

Place the following shortcode on any WordPress post or page where you want to display the Transaction Table.



Import your transactions

Click “Import" button on the "Transactions" tab.

Note: An Import button exist on post and pages when displaying on the front end, there is no transactions tab.